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Another component of Guys and Girls Operating as Leaders (GOAL) is teaching students how to give back to their community and become leaders themselves. Every clubhouse part of GOAL helps with at least one community service project that serves their unique community or values. 


The program relies on the clubhouse coaches to ensure their students participate and choose their community service that either helps provide funding for their clubhouse, GOAL scholarships, or a service that helps with their surrounding community. Read about some of the our activism projects we have done over the years below.


Some examples of community projects that clubhouses in the GOAL program have produced are (but are not limited to):

  • Strickland clubhouse traveled to Guatemala, created encouragement cards, and helped fundraise to throw an event in El Saral, a community of high needs. Kids and their families were treated with a card, toy, hot meal, clothes, a piñata, and fun games! 

  • Harpool clubhouse hosted a flower sale to donate all proceeds to the Sunshine Fund.

  • Rivera clubhouse collected toys and essential items for Operation Kindness that were then distributed to boys and girls living in orphanages around the world to have Christmas presents to open that day.

  • McMath clubhouse hosted a donation drive that proceeds went to LovePacs.

  • Borman clubhouse wrote letters to Texas Senators urging them to support or vote for bills that protect our oceans.

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