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About GOAL


What is goal?

Guys and Girls Operating as Leaders (GOAL) began in 2010 at McMath Middle School as a leadership program for at risk students and has expanded to serve several campuses throughout Denton ISD and neighboring school districts.


Structured around three focuses: Academics, Athletics, and Activism the program offer students free soccer leagues for grades 3-8, student authorship/publishing, leadership, tutoring, service opportunities, and scholarships to program alumni. 



Nurture leadership qualities among language learners and at-risk students through mental, emotional, and physical wellness in a high-trust environment.



Create a network of socially responsible individuals engaged in strengthening family, school, and community.


  • 5 Denton ISD campus Teacher of the Year recipients

  • National Association of Bilingual Educators Teacher of the Year

  • Professional presentations at: NSBA, TASB, NYAR, TX ASCD, TAGT, TAAE and others

  • Featured in Texas School Business “Bragging Rights” ed. 2015-16 Volume LXIII, Issue 3

  • Featured TAGT Journal Tempo, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 1, 2017

  • Runner up NSBA Magna Awards ASBJ, volume 204, No. 2., April 2017

  • Long-standing partnerships with Greek Service Orgs from TWU & UNT

  • Long-standing partnerships with area MLS and minor league soccer teams

  • Tons of food delivered to local pantries and myriad other comm service projects

  • More than $60K in scholarships awarded to program alumni

  • 6 volumes of student testimonials self-published

  • Embedded financial aid for program alumni at NCTC

  • Thousands of hours in community service and volunteer work

  • Student participants fed and shirted for free at league-wide events throughout the year

  • Voter registration, health service, immigration counsel, and vaccine information are available at game sites

  • The GOAL Program provides a culturally relevant, safe space for English language learners, at risk students, and their families. Our program values are Familia, Escuela, y Comunidad.

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